Innovation - Ideas


A tool to sense your actions and do the designated work with only your actions. Helps to navigate maps, alter volume if needed and so much more.

Virus Attenuation Device

Where COVID-19 has made us live this new norm which we currently are in; this device will be a future new norm where it provides security over viruses around 1000ft if placed in a room consuming comparatively less amount of electricity.

Portable Washing

A short/mini portable washing machine to carry out the same functionality as that of a full-proof machine which stores a bout of space and can be easily transported as and when required without any hassle.

Solar Clothing

Working totally on the solar energy; this innovation brings out the use of an clothing iron preserving tons of much needed energy.

AI Powered
Smart Chessboard

Sitting at a place miles away one can play chess with the peers with this AI based model where the moves are simulated and action is carried out.

Round Chakli

Simple yet exhausting activity of making chakli all around India using traditional method made simple with this innovation.

Round Chapati

Tedious task of making a round chapati made simple with the help of a machine and bit of innovation.

Solar Powered

Diya working on solar energy which saves many resources, energy and manual work.

Green Jackfruit

Innovation in food technology with the impressive jackfruit flour to consume as a supplementary food to enhance various parts in our body.

Electronic Coconut

An electronic coconut scrapper to easily scrap a coconut without having to scrap traditionally which is found to be exhausting.

Remote control
parking tool

A tool to carry and park any car effectively and with ease with the help of controls.

Miniature Foot-launch

A miniature glider innovated to have a similar experience as to that of any helicopter.

“ There's a way to do it better - Find it. ”

~ Thomas Edison

“ What is now proved - was once only imagined.”

~ William Blake

“ The best way to predict the future - is to create it. ”

~ Alan Kay

“ When the winds of change blow - some people build walls and others build windmills. ”

~ Anonymous